Museums in La Palma

Museum of the Corpus Christi and the Embroidery. Red House

It is located in a stately home built at the beginnings of the XX Century, and later it would be turned into a hotel known as the Casa Roja (the Red House) from that moment.

Museum of La Palma Island Cigar and Festivity of the Crosses

The Thematic Interpretive Centre of the Cigar have four rooms where you can discover the origin, the relationship with different cultures and magic ritual, how it spread across Europe or the evolution in the way of consumption, and what is more important, you can see the making of the famous ‘puros palmeros’ (La Palma Island cigars), one of the symbols in this Island.

Luján House Ethnographic Museum

The museum is located in the well-known Casa Luján (Luján House), a building from the end of the XVII Century and beginnings of the XVIII Century, as an example of the shapes in the traditional household architecture in the Canaries.

Mill "El Regente"

The water powered mill ‘El Regente’ (the Regent) is located in the upper area in the municipality of San Andrés y Sauces. It was built in 1873 with the target of taking advantage of the water force due to the slope of the terrain and mill the grain to obtain flour or gofio ( a kind of toasted flour typical in the Canaries).

CEMFAC (The Town within the Museum. Forum of Contemporary Art)

It consists on a cultural initiative developed by the Los Llanos de Aridane Town Hall in 1999-2000, with the aim to bring the contemporary art closer to the society.

Archaeological Park of Belmaco

Domingo Van de Valle de Cervello, the military governor in La Palma Island, found here, by chance, the first petroglyphs located in the Canaries, in 1752.

Sacred Art Museum

It was founded on July 2, 1978. He is currently in the "House of the Church", next to the parish church.

Museo de la seda – Taller Las Hilanderas

The Workshop "Las Hilanderas" was created in El Paso in the year 2001 and it is an active museum and workshop of handmade products, devoted to the manufacture and sale of several silk articles. The products manufactured in this workshop and museum have a high handmade recognition both at La Palma as well as worldwide, among which the following stand out: foulards, bags, hand-bags, ties, embroideries, souvenirs, etc.

Wine House Museum Las Manchas

Las Manchas Wine House Museum was raised on a plot of the teacher’s old house. It offers to visitors a general view of the traditional, local wine-making heritage, and in addition, the possibility of wine tasting for those under the Certificate of Origin "La Palma Island".

Museum of the Banana History

It keeps inside some panels describing the most relevant aspects for this fruit: its origin, diet qualities, trading from the Canaries to the rest of the world, the harmful plagues, varieties, the process of harvesting and packaging, etc.

Interpretation Centre Junonia

It is located in an old house which has been recently refurbished, where some interesting details are kept from the traditional architecture in Santa Cruz de La Palma. Walking around the house, you can get to know La Palma Island in a pleasant way.