Museum of the Corpus Christi and the Embroidery. Red House

It is located in a stately home built at the beginnings of the XX Century, and later it would be turned into a hotel known as the Casa Roja (the Red House) from that moment.

Nowadays it is distributed in two storeys. The ground floor is devoted to the Centre for the divulgation of the Corpus Christi. It has replicas, documents, pictures and photographs about this festivity, where the population of this municipality takes part in a devotional way to create the carpets and arches with vegetal elements, embellishing the streets in this town.

Upstairs, a wide variety of embroidery is showed, as one of the most representative and varied modalities in La Palma Island handicraft. There are some different typologies of embroidery like ‘Richelieu’, ‘Realce’ or ‘Punto Perdido’.