Sacred Art Museum

Was established in july 2nd, 1978. Nowadays it is located in the Casa de la Iglesia (House of the Church), next to the Parish Church.

The collection has been organized in ten thematic units on imagery, silversmith’s craft and textile. There are some outstanding pieces such as the sculpture of Saint Joseph and Child or a calyx and a custodia (pyx) made in gold-over-silver. We also find a huge amount of silver pieces such as some saints and Virgin’s crowns. Finally, there is an excellent representation of the silk brought from Europe, and other textile.

It is worth completing this visit with the entrance to the Church. It was built at the beginnings of the XVI century, in the mudejar architecture style with a distribution in three basilica naves, and a military style tower. The splendid inside keeps some baroque style altarpieces, sacred ornament and silversmith works, besides the extraordinary Flemish, baroque or neoclassic carving sculptures.