Mill "El Regente"

The water powered mill ‘El Regente’ (the Regent) is located in the upper area in the municipality of San Andrés y Sauces. It was built in 1873 with the target of taking advantage of the water force due to the slope of the terrain and mill the grain to obtain flour or gofio ( a kind of toasted flour typical in the Canaries).

Outside the mill, the water runs along the aqueduct up to the tower where the waterfall is converted into energy.

Inside the house, there are different spaces such as the small turbines room, a room for the mill machine or the kitchen. The atmosphere is completed with some handwork tools: baskets, mill stones or big boxes made with the canary pine tree wood, called "tea2.
The existence of this kind of architecture makes us remember the water wealth in La Palma Island.