Museum of La Palma Island Cigar and Festivity of the Crosses

The Thematic Interpretive Centre of the Cigar have four rooms where you can discover the origin, the relationship with different cultures and magic ritual, how it spread across Europe or the evolution in the way of consumption, and what is more important, you can see the making of the famous ‘puros palmeros’ (La Palma Island cigars), one of the symbols in this Island.

On the other hand, in the Museum of the Festivity of the Crosses, you will discover a small sample of the meticulous work done by the ‘cruceros’, people who create the decoration with fabric, jewellery, seeds or coloured papers. A work to share with devotion and imagination.

You can also have different kind of cigars made with the best tobacco leaves, and other typical products from the Island in our shop, as the result of the care of our artisans and our privileged climate, such as wines, liqueur or our famous mojo sauces.